Digital Strategy Consulting

We create + execute all aspects of a robust digital strategy: a versatile website, production of digital content, list growth, + engagement — all coordinated through an adaptive strategy built on exhaustive analytics + regular projections.

Community Strategy Consulting

We leverage modern digital best-practices + years of diverse experience to help campaigns + non-profits cultivate networks of influencers + longterm supporters, + activate them at critical moments.

Graphic + Brand Design

We take your message + goals, + craft them into a beautiful + logical design. From logos to websites, shareable graphics, apps, + more. Veracity elevates everything you do with thoughtful design.

Digital Advertising

Using cutting edge micro-targeted advertising platforms + strategies, we make sure your message is perfectly crafted + gets where it needs to go.

Email Marketing + Fundraising 

We know that your email list is much more than a list. It’s a living, breathing, network of supporters + donors. We engage your network through unique + detailed messaging that builds relationships + encourages small dollar donations.