Our Vision + Culture

AMME Consult is a digital media consulting firm based in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria

We’re a small group of smart, driven, and talented people that understand how to target audiences with compelling messages that incite action. Wherever people consume information…via television, radio, tablet, smart phone…in broadcast, digital, social media, new media, blogs… we reach them. We are driven by creative. Devoted to data and metrics. Eager to take risk. Consumed by client service.

Our mission is to help organizations and individuals get their message out by engaging their audiences and turning them into active supporters who can be tapped to achieve programmatic goals.

Our vision is to to advance progressive causes by carefully selecting the projects our team works on. We aren’t guns for hire. We work at the local, state, national, + global levels to support progressive campaigns, non-profits, + companies focused on positive social impact.